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Faculty FAQ

QuickConnect allows the referral of students from faculty and instructors that have concerns about academic success and have not been able to reach the student through their NMSU email or canvas courses.
QC is accessed through the myNMSU faculty tab. Upon sign in, select your courses' CRN to populate your class names. Choose and highlight the student's name and move through all questions to submit your referral. When you submit the referral, the student receives an email notifying them of the action and you receive a confirmation statement that your referral was sent to QC. A QC Responder will attempt contact and inform you of their efforts and successes within two days. QC Responders operate from all NMSU campuses and your student will be referred to a Responder from their home campus. For example, if the student is taking an online course in Alamogordo, but is a main campus student, a Responder from main campus will be attempting contact.
If you have any questions, please contact QuickConnect at 646-1342.
Yes, you can and may. Within your description however, you must make it very clear to the Responder which student is experiencing what. For example, if you refer John and Maria for different reasons, then please state that John has not been attending and Maria has had low quiz scores.
All Responders volunteer their time to attempt contact with your students. Time constraints and busy schedules can hamper timely efforts. If, after more than 4 days you have not heard from QC, you may refer the student again or give your QuickConnect administrator a call.
When Responders receive a referral, they will be contacting the student and providing your information and suggestions to them. The overall success of the program does rely on collaboration between faculty, instructors and your student's home campus.

Responders FAQ

QuickConnect Responders are sent referrals for students that are generated by instructors and faculty from all NMSU campuses. Confirmation of the referral is sent immediately back to the instructor; at the same time the referred student receives an email regarding the referral. After the Responder has attempted or made contact with the student, the Responder form is submitted. A response should be returned to the referring instructor or faculty within two days. This form goes to the referring instructor or faculty and to the QuickConnect administrator of the students' NMSU campus.
Often students do not either have the correct information listed on Banner, or they simply do not follow through on returning phone calls or responding to email. Utilize resources that you know of to try and get updated phone numbers. If, after two days there is no response from the student, submit a Responder form and provide all phone numbers attempted as well as specific information you shared in an email.
The more detailed information shared regarding the connection with the student, the better. The Responders are an additional support for instructors and everything should be done to allow the student access to all pertinent resources.
If the student shares information that doesn't need to be shared with the instructor or faculty, include it in the second info box. This information goes only to the administrator of QuickConnect. This information can be useful if the student is referred again.
Include information in the 2nd box on the QC Responder form and be objective in your words. Along with the information on the Responder form, please contact your QuickConnect administrator so the information can be passed along to the appropriate resource on the student's campus.