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The QuickConnect program is an early warning and intervention system focused on intervention of students exhibiting at-risk behaviors (attendance, chronic tardiness, not turning in assignments, low grades, and/or rarely prepared). The goals of QuickConnect are providing preventative action, initiating support by reaching out, and addressing current at-risk behaviors. Faculty are currently the front line in identifying at risk behaviors and initiating a contact by submitting referrals.

Faculty and instructors on all of NMSU's campuses may participate in QuickConnect by referring students for intervention based upon concerns, both academic and non-academic. The "Faculty Submit Referral" accessed here and on myNMSU, includes a drop down providing a complete class list which allows you to submit the students name and reasons for referral. The student will then be contacted by a trained "Responder" who will secure resources pertinent to the student's current need. Instructors will be informed of the outcome of the "connection".

For more information or questions regarding QuickConnect, or if you are interested in participating as a responder, please contact your campus QuickConnect Administrator.

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